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Cooperation: import, supply and distribution.


EMN Associated Importers and Distributors in Russia

International supply and distribution chain with a sustainable associated importers and distributors network in Russia.


The goods are being imported by our associated import divisions in Russia and distributed via a sophisticated distribution chain with wholesale warehouses and excellent client service.


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Import Export Companies in Russia


Associated importers and distributors list

Russian importers



Animal Products 
    Dairy, Eggs & Honey 
    Farm Machines & Tools 
    Auto Electrics 
    Auto Electronics 
    Auto Production Machinery 
    Electric Motorcycles 
    Lamps, Flashers & Fuses 
    Maintenance & Repair 
    Minibuses, Vans 
    Motorcycles & Parts 
    Steering & Transmission 
    Trucks, Buses 
    Wheel & Tyre 
  Base Metals & Articles 
    Aluminium & Articles 
    Articles Of Iron & Steel 
    Base Metals 
    Copper & Articles Thereof 
    Iron & Steel 
    Lead & Articles Thereof 
    Miscellaneous Articles 
    Nickel & Articles Thereof 
    Tin & Articles Thereof 
    Tools, Spoons & Forks 
    Zinc & Articles Thereof 
    Chemical Additives 
    Chemical Waste 
    Dyes, Paints & Inks 
    Explosives, Matches ETC 
    Inorganic Chemicals
    Misc. Chemical Products 
    Oils Cosmetic Preparations 
    Organic Chemicals 
    Petroleum Products: Bitumen 
    Petroleum Products: Coke 
    Petroleum Products: Crude Oil 
    Petroleum Products: Fuel Oil 
    Petroleum Products: Graphite 
    Petroleum Products: Lubricant 
    Petroleum Products: Others 
    Petroleum Products: Paraffin 
    Pharmaceutical Products 
    Photographic & Cinema Prod. 
    Soap, Waxes & Pastes 
    Starches, Glues & Enzymes 
  Computers & Software 
    Monitors & Display 
    Network Devices 
    Notebooks & Laptop 
    PC, Computer 
    PDA, Palmtop 
    Second Hand 
    UPS & Power 
    Web Design 
    Bath Appliances 
    Bricks & Pavers 
    Building Glass 
    Building Plastic & PVC 
    Cement & Sand 
    Construction Hardware 
    Decorative Materials & Decoration 
    Doors & Windows 
    Flooring & Tiles 
    Kitchen Appliances 
    Metallic Building Materials 
    Metallic Materials 
    Pipes & Tubes 
    Security Products 
    Soundproof Materials 
    Soundproof Materials 
    Stone & Marble 
    Stone Carving & Sculpture 
    Timber & Plank 
    Wall Materials 
    Waterproof Materials 
    Waterproof Materials 
  Consumer Electronics 
    Air Conditioners 
    CD Players 
    DVD, VCD, MP3 
    Game Consoles 
    Hair Diers 
    Home Theatre Systems 
    Kitchen Electronics 
    Radios, Tuners 
    Remote Controls 
    Washing Machines 
  Energy & Environment 
    Natural Gas 
    Nuclear Power 
    Renewable Energy 
    Solar Panels 
    Solar Products 
    Solid Fuel 
    Waste Management 
    Wind Turbines 
  Fats & Oils 
    Animal Or Veg. Fats, Oils & Waxes 
    Baby Food 
    Beverages, Spirits & Wine 
    Canned Food 
    Cocoa & Cocoa Preparations 
    Food Additives 
    Food Ingredients 
    Food Processing Machinery 
    Frozen Food 

    Health Food 
    Miscellaneous Edible Preparations 
    Preparation Of Cereals & Flour 
    Preparation Of Vegs, Fruits, Nuts 
    Prepared Meat, Fish & Crustaceans 
    Residues & Animal Feed 
    Sugars & Sugar Confectionery 
    Tobacco & Tobacco Substitues 

  Footwear & Headgears 
    Feathers & Artificial Flowers 
    Footwear & Headgears 
    Headgear & Other Parts 
    Umbrellas & Walking-Sticks 
  Health & Beauty 
    Adult Products 
    Beauty Equipment 
    Breast Care 
    Dental Products 
    Drugs & Medications 
    Erotic Products 
    Hair Products 
    Health Care Products 
    Health Food 
    Herbs & Natural Remedies 
    Medical Implements 
    Medical Supplies 
    Razors & Shavers 
    Skin Care 
    Veterinary Medicine & Products 
    Weight Loss 
  Hides, Leather & Furs 
    Furskins & Artif. Furs 
    Leather Goods 
    Raw Hides & Skins 
  Home Supplies 
    Baby Products 
    Horticulture & Gardening 
    Household Textile Products 
    Household Utensils 
    Kitchen Accessories 
    Laundry Products 
    Lighters & Smoking 
    Luggage & Travel Bags 
    Pet & Products 
    Sheets & Covers 
  Industrial Supplies 
    Cast & Forged 
    Gaskets & Seals 
    Hardware & Tools 
    Materials Handling 
  Machinery & Electronics 
    Audio & Video Equipment 
    Bulbs & Tubes 
    Cable & Wire 
    Electrical Machinery 
    Electronic Components 
    Electronic Instruments 
    Industrial Lightings
    Mechanical Machinery 
    Outdoor Lightings 
    Power Supplies 
    Residential Lightings 
  Mineral Products
    Lime & Cement 
    Mineral Fuels & Oils 
    Ores, Slag & Ash 
    Salt, Sulphur & Stone 
    Arms And Ammunition 
    Artificial Crafts 
    Bamboo & Wooden Crafts 
    Candles & Holders 
    Clocks & Watches & Parts 

    Folk Crafts 
    Furniture & Pre-Fab Buildings 
    Holiday Decoration
    Metal Crafts 
    Misc. Manufactured Articles 
    Musical Instruments 
    Natural Crafts
    Optical, Meas. & Medical Instrument 
    Photo & Picture Frames 
    Pottery & Enamel 
    Promotion Gifts 
    Toys, Games & Sports Equip 
    Works Of Art & Antiques 
  Plastics & Rubbers 
    Plastics And Articles 
    Rubber And Articles 
    Business Services 
    Education & Training 
    Electric & Gas 
    Environmental Quality 
    Financial, Insurance, Legal, Real Estate 
    Funeral Services 
    Health Services
    Hotel & Lodging 
    Hotel & Restaurant 
    Internet Marketing 
    Internet Services 
    Investment Consulting 
    Legal Services 
    Management Consulting 
    Marketing & Advertising 
    Miscellaneous Repairs 
    Other Business Services 
    Postal Services 
    Recruiting Services 
    Trading Consulting 
    Translation Services 
    Travel Services 
  Stone, Glass & Jewelry 
    Articles Of Stone & Plaster 
    Ceramic Products 
    Glass & Glassware 
    Pearls, Stones & Jewelry 
    Caller ID 
    Fax Machines 
    Mobile Phones 
    Network Communications 
    Telecom Cables 
    Telephone & Parts 
    Video Phones (1)
    Wireless Communications 
    Apparel & Clothing Knitted 
    Apparel & Clothing Not Knitted 
    Carpets & Floor Coverings 
    Coated & Laminated Textiles 
    Cotton & Fabrics Thereof 
    Knitted & Crocheted Fabrics 
    Made Up Textile, Worn & Rags 
    Man-Made Filaments Yarns 
    Man-Made Staple Fibers 
    Silk & Fabrics Thereof 
    Tufted Textiles & Lace 
    Vegetable Textile Fabrics 
    Wedding, Felt & Ropes 
    Wool, Yarn & Animal Hair 
    Aircraft, Spacecraft 
    Bicycles & Parts 
    Cargo & Storage 
    Non-railway Vehicles 
    Railway, Tram & Tracks 
    Roadway Safety 
    Ships & Floating Structures 
    Coffee, Tea, Mate & Spices 
    Edible Vegetables 
    Fruit & Nuts & Citrus 
    Lac, Gums, Resins, ETC 
    Live Trees & Plants 
    Milling Industry Products
    Oil Seeds, Grains & Plants 
    Vegetable Plaiting Materials 
    Articles Of Wood & Charcoal 
    Basketware and Wickerwork 
    Cork & Articles Of Cork 
    Paper & Articles Of Paperboard 
    Printed Books & NewsPaper 
    Wood Pulp & Paper Scrap 

Associated importers and distributors list

EMN Import Export - Russia

Russian Supply & Distribution Chain Management / RU

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Russian Supply & Distribution Chain Management

Sale efficiently

Business with Russia becomes easier when you are doing it with the right partner.

Our infrastructure is a reliable partner in your export activities to Russian Federation.

This reliability is warranted by:

Direct targeted market access.

Efficient market research.

Potential customers evaluation.

Sales generating.

Additional opportunities:

Establishing of sustainable distribution chain.

Sophisticated logistics management.

Supply chain management in place.

Transport service back and forth between Russian Federation and EU.

Customs clearance support in Russian Federation.

Consulting regarding Russian import duties tariffs, certifications requirements and legislations.

Russian market key-factors:

Russia is a rapidly developing economy.  The exports from the EU to Russia are increasing at an annual rate of around 50%.  The economy has grown steadily since last decade and the national currency is quite stable. Most of the market indicators are positive.

The Russia still offers tremendous potential for international suppliers wishing to enter the market.  Whilst the major centers of Moscow and St.Petersburg for many industries are already becoming highly competitive, there are remain massive potential to developing markets in regional cities across the country.

Many market sectors are still underdeveloped and those companies already active in the Russian market report high returns on investment.

Whether you are looking to expand your existing business into Russia or simply to establish a new export destinations, the services that our organization offers and will provide you is a one stop solution during the initial stages of your new business development.

For more information about current import demands and requirements and how we can assist you to export your products to Russia, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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Did you know:

After the 1998 economic crisis, the Russian economy began to recover, with annual GDP growth at around 7% from 1999 to 2007.


The increasing purchasing power of the population has been the main driver behind the recent rapid growth of Russia’s retail and consumer sectors.


In 2008, Russia was ranked the third most attractive retail market in the Global Retail Development Index.


The retail industry turnover in 2008 was around USD 561 billion. Russian retail is still in a unique position given the limited number of multinational players on the domestic market.


However, several international chains have already expanded their presence in the non-food market, including IKEA, OBI, Leroy Merlin, Castorama; and in the food market, Auchan, Carrefour, Metro and Rewe. Russian retail giants such as the X5 Retail Group, Eldorado, Magnit, Euroset, M.Video, Seventh Continent, Dixi and the Kopeika chains are still among the top 10 Russian retail players.


Russia’s main trading partners are Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, China, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Poland, Finland, the US, Kazakhstan, Japan and South Korea. In the midterm, it is expected that imports will catch up with exports.

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