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EMN Importers and Distributors Group

International integrated importers association with a sustainable associated distribution network.

International companies cooperate with us keeping in mind the safety, efficiency and reliability of deliveries.


Our import markets and sophisticated regional buyers demand high quality products from the world's most capable suppliers.


Our organization does its utmost to serve these huge import demands and thousands of suppliers cooperate with us in order to satisfy the market import requirements.


Constantly thousands of import contracts are open and waiting for qualified suppliers.
All import requirements are being collected daily from associated distributors in more than 100 Countries.


Central Purchasing




As a leading partner in supply and distribution market, we are dealing with an assortment of over 50,000 products.

Millions of European consumers are purchasing products through European supply chain centers.

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Wholesale Importers


Cooperation with sufficiently skilled producers and suppliers.

Associated supply chain:


Deco Group




Suministros SA

Dispensa Del Begarelli

Detki Keksz Ltd.



CARYAIRE Group Associates




Importers database

Wholesale Importers


Thousands of other qualified suppliers cooperate with us in order to satisfy market import requirements.

Associated Importers List:

Abrasives importers
Accessories importers
Air Conditioners importers
Alcohol importers
Aluminium importers
Amplifiers importers

Animal Extracts importers
Animal Fodders importers

Animal Products importers
Apparel & Knitted Clothing importers
Apparel & Not Knitted Clothing importers
Aquaculture importers
Artificial Crafts importers
Artificial Flowers importers
Auto Electrics importers
Auto Production Machinery importers
Baby Food importers
Baby Products importers
Bamboo importers
Basketware importers
Bath Appliances importers
Beauty Equipment importers
Bedding importers
Beverages importers
Bicycles & Parts importers
Bitumen importers
Blankets importers
Boilers importers
Breaks importers
Breast Care importers
Bricks importers
Briefcases importers
Building Glass importers
Building Plastic importers
Bulbs importers
Calculators importers
Caller ID importers
Candles importers
Canned Food importers

Car importers
Carpets & Floor Coverings importers
Carvings importers
Cast importers
CD Players importers
Chains importers
Chargers importers
Chemical Additives importers
Chemicals importers
Clocks importers
Coated & Laminated Textiles importers
Cocoa importers
Coffee, Tea, & Spices importers
Confectionery importers
Construction Hardware importers
Consumer Electronics importers
Containers importers
Cookware importers
Copper importers
Cosmetics importers
Cotton & Fabrics importers
Covers importers
Crude Oil importers
Crystal importers
Dairy importers
Decorative Materials importers
Dental Products importers
Displays importers
Dyes importers
Edible Vegetables importers
Eggs importers
Electric Motorcycles importers
Electrical Machinery importers
Electronic Components importers
Electronic Instruments importers
Electronics importers
Engines importers
Eyewears importers
Fans importers
Farm Machines & Tools importers
Fast food importers
Fats importers
Fax Machines importers
Fertilisers  importers
Fiberglass importers
Fibers importers
Filaments Yarns importers
Flashers & Fuses importers
Flooring importers
Folk Crafts importers
Food Additives importers
Food Ingredients importers
Food Processing Machinery importers
Footwear & Headgears importers
Forks importers
Frozen Food importers
Fruit & Nuts & Citrus importers
Fuel Oil importers
Furs importers
Game Consoles importers
Games importers
Gaskets importers
Generators importers
Glassware importers
GPS importers
Graphite importers
Hair Diers importers
Hair Products importers
Handbags importers
Hardware importers
Health Care Products importers
Health Food importers
Health Food importers
Heaters importers
Herbs importers
Holders importers
Home Theatre Systems importers
Horticulture & Gardening importers
Household Textile Products importers
Industrial Lightings importers
Inks importers
Inorganic Chemicals importers
Interphones importers
Iron importers
Kitchen Accessories importers
Kitchen Appliances importers
Kitchen Electronics importers
Knitted & Crocheted Fabrics importers
Lac, Gums, Resins importers
Lamps importers
Laptops  importers
Laundry Products importers
Leather Goods importers
Lighters  importers
Lime importers
Locks importers
Lubricants importers
Machinery importers
Made Ups importers
Meat & Edible Meats importers
Medical Implements importers
Medical Instrument importers
Medications importers
Metal Crafts importers
Metallic Building Materials importers
Metallic Materials importers
Mirrors importers
Mobile Phones importers
Monitors importers
Motorcycles parts importers
Musical Instruments importers
Natural Crafts importers
Natural Remedies importers
Nickel importers
Notebooks importers
Oil Seeds, Grains & Plants importers
Oils Cosmetic importers
Oils importers
Organic Chemicals importers
Outdoor Lightings importers
Pagers importers
Paints importers
Paper Articles importers
Paper Scrap importers
Paraffin importers
PC, Computers importers
Perfumes importers
Pesticides importers
Pet Products importers
Petroleum Products importers
Pharmaceutical Products importers
Photo & Picture Frames importers
Pigments importers
Pillows importers
Pipes importers
Plastics  importers
Pottery importers
Printers importers
Promotion Gifts importers
Radios importers
Rags importers
Razors importers
Refrigerators importers
Residential Lightings importers
Roadway Safety products importers
Rubber importers
Sand importers
Security Products importers
Sheets importers
Silk Fabrics importers
Skin Care importers
Skins importers
Snacks importers
Solar Panels importers
Solar Products importers
Soundproof Materials importers
Spoons importers
Steel importers
Steering importers
Stone importers

Sugar importers
Switches importers
Tableware importers
Telecom Cables importers
Telephone & Parts importers
Tiles importers
Tin importers
Toys importers
Transformers importers
Transmission importers
Travel Bags importers
Tubes importers
Tubes importers
Tufted Textiles & Lace importers
TVs importers
Tyre importers
Umbrellas importers

Vehicle importers
Vegetable Textile Fabrics importers
Veterinary Medicines importers
Video Phones importers
Walking Sticks importers
Wallets importers
Washing Machines importers
Watches importers
Waxes importers
Weight Loss products importers
Wheel importers
Windows importers
Wire importers
Wood & Charcoal importers
Wood Pulp importers
Wooden Crafts importers
Wool, Yarn importers
Zinc importers


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 ANIMAL FAT importers
 APPLES importers
 BARLEY importers
 BEANS importers
 BEER importers
 BODY OIL importers
 BOVINE MEAT importers
 BUTTER importers
 CASSAVA importers
 CHEESE importers
 CITRUS importers
 COCOA BEANS importers
 COCONUTS importers
 COTTONSEEDS importers
 CREAM importers
 EGGS importers
 FATS importers
 GLOVES importers
 GRAPEFRUIT importers
 GRAPES importers
 GROUNDNUT OIL importers
 GROUNDNUTS importers
 INFANT FOOD importers
 LEMONS importers
 LIMES importers
 MAIZE GERM OIL importers
 MAIZE importers
 MANDARINS importers
 MILK importers
 MILLET importers
 MUSTARD OIL importers
 MUSTARD SEEDS importers
 ONIONS importers
 ORANGES importers
 PALM KERNEL OIL importers
 PALM KERNELS importers
 PALM OIL importers
 PEAS importers
 PEPPER importers
 PIG MEAT importers
 PINEAPPLES importers
 POTATOES importers
 POULTRY importers
 RICE BRAN OIL importers
 SESAME SEED OIL importers
 SESAME SEEDS importers
 SOYBEAN OIL importers
 SOYBEANS importers
 SPICES importers
 SUGAR BEET importers
 SUGAR CANE importers
 SWEETENERS importers
 TOMATOES importers
 VEGETABLE OIL importers
 YAMS importers

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Countries of operation:

Importers in Algeria
Importers in Andorra
Importers in Angola
Importers in Armenia
Importers in Argentina
Importers in Australia
Importers in Austria
Importers in Azerbaijan

Importers in Bahamas
Importers in Bahrain
Importers in Bangladesh
Importers in Barbados
Importers in Belgium
Importers in Bolivia
Importers in Botswana
Importers in Brazil
Importers in Bulgaria

Importers in Cambodia
Importers in Canada
Importers in Cayman Islands
Importers in Central African Republic
Importers in Chad
Importers in Chile
Importers in China

Importers in Colombia
Importers in Costa Rica
Importers in Croatia
Importers in Cuba
Importers in Cyprus
Importers in Czech Republic

Importers in Denmark
Importers in Djibouti
Importers in Dominica
Importers in Dominican Republic
Importers in Ecuador
Importers in Egypt
Importers in El Salvador
Importers in Equitorial Guinea
Importers in Estonia

Importers in Fiji
Importers in Finland
Importers in France
Importers in French Guiana
Importers in French Polynesia

Importers in Gabon
Importers in Gambia
Importers in Georgia
Importers in Germany
Importers in Ghana
Importers in Gibraltar
Importers in Gilbert & Ellice Islands
Importers in Greece
Importers in Greenland
Importers in Grenada
Importers in Guadeloupe
Importers in Guam
Importers in Guatemala

Importers in Haiti
Importers in Honduras
Importers in Hungary

Importers in Iceland
Importers in India
Importers in Indonesia
Importers in Ireland
Importers in Israel
Importers in Italy

Importers in Jamaica
Importers in Japan
Importers in Jordan

Importers in Kazakhstan
Importers in Kenya
Importers in Korea
Importers in Kuwait
Importers in Kyrgystan

Importers in Latvia
Importers in Lebanon
Importers in Liberia
Importers in Liechtenstein
Importers in Lithuania
Importers in Luxembourg

Importers in Madagascar
Importers in Malaysia
Importers in Maldives
Importers in Mali
Importers in Malta
Importers in Mauritania
Importers in Mauritius
Importers in Mexico
Importers in Micronesia
Importers in Moldova
Importers in Monaco
Importers in Mongolia
Importers in Morocco

Importers in Nepal
Importers in Netherlands
Importers in Netherlands Antilles
Importers in New Zealand
Importers in Nicaragua
Importers in Norway

Importers in Oman

Importers in Panama
Importers in Papua New Guinea
Importers in Paraguay
Importers in Peru
Importers in Philippines
Importers in Pitcairn Islands
Importers in Poland
Importers in Portugal
Importers in Puerto Rico

Importers in Qatar

Importers in Romania
Importers in Russia
Importers in Rwanda

Importers in San Marino
Importers in Saudi Arabia
Importers in Singapore
Importers in Slovakia
Importers in Slovenia
Importers in Somalia:
Importers in South Africa
Importers in Spain
Importers in Sri Lanka
Importers in Suriname
Importers in Sweden
Importers in Switzerland
Importers in Syria

Importers in Taiwan
Importers in Tajikistan
Importers in Tanzania
Importers in Thailand
Importers in Togo
Importers in Tonga
Importers in Tunisia
Importers in Turkey
Importers in Turkmenistan

Importers in Ukraine
Importers in United Arab Emirates
Importers in United Kingdom / UK / England
Importers in United States / USA
Importers in Uruguay
Importers in Uzbekistan

Importers in Venezuela
Importers in Vietnam

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