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International trading of fresh fruits.

Fruits associated importers group are united import companies which operate within trade holding and import goods based on current import requirements. Each import shipment is ordered and paid according to purchasing procedure.
Fruits importers group altogether form biggest supply network in order to satisfy market demands efficiently and comply with the established quality criteria.


The fruits are normally being imported and distributed through our sophisticated network of associated distributors groups, shops, wholesale buyers centers and warehouses with an excellent stocks management facilities and customer services.


We cooperate with the most qualified fruits suppliers from around the world


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 Fruits importers organization


  • Fresh Fruits
  • Frozen Fruits
  • Canned Fruits
  • Dried Fruits
  • Preserved Fruits
  • IQF Fruits
  • Fruits Juice
  • Tinned Fruits



Fruits and vegetables suppliers

  • 4 Fruit Company bv, Barendrecht
  • Aartsenfruit bv Breda
  • Beemsterboer bv, Warmenhuizen
  • CoolFresh bv, Barendrecht
  • FlevoTrade Dronten BV, Dronten
  • Fruit World Breda bv, Breda
  • Frukar bv, Barendrecht
  • Frupaks bv, Deil
  • Fortuna Frutos, Barendrecht
  • Green Organics bv, Dronten
  • De Groot International bv, Hedel
  • JNV Produce Marketing bv, Poeldijk
  • Langfruit bv, Venlo
  • Marni Fruit, Barendrecht
  • Pede Bv, Venlo
  • M.J. Pronk BV, Zwaagdijk
  • SC van Ravenswaaij bv, Veenendaal
  • Ravex bv, Veenendaal
  • G. Sevenhuysen V.O.F.
  • P.Solleveld bv, Maasland
  • Valstar bv, Poeldijk
  • VerDi Import bv, Barendrecht
  • J.C. Vernooij bv, Vleuten

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