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The Dutch economy has a strong international import and export focus.


The Netherlands is one of the European Union's most dynamic centres of international trade.


Due to its favorable location, it plays a key role as a main port and distribution centre for companies from around the world.


The port of Rotterdam handles some 377 million tones of goods every year, and is the largest ports in Europe.


The Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is one of the largest.


For these reasons the Netherlands is often called as the export gateway to Europe.


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Animal Products
    Dairy, Eggs & Honey 
    Farm Machines & Tools 
    Fish & Crustaceans 
    Meat & Edible Meats 
    Products Of Animals 
    Auto Electrics 
    Auto Electronics 
    Auto Production Machinery 
    Electric Motorcycles 
    Lamps, Flashers & Fuses 
    Maintenance & Repair 
    Minibuses, Vans 
    Motorcycles & Parts 
    Steering & Transmission 
    Trucks, Buses 
    Wheel & Tyre 
  Base Metals & Articles 
    Aluminium & Articles 
    Articles Of Iron & Steel 
    Base Metals 
    Copper & Articles Thereof 
    Iron & Steel 
    Lead & Articles Thereof 
    Miscellaneous Articles 
    Nickel & Articles Thereof 
    Tin & Articles Thereof 
    Tools, Spoons & Forks 
    Zinc & Articles Thereof 
    Chemical Additives 
    Chemical Waste 
    Dyes, Paints & Inks 
    Inorganic Chemicals
    Misc. Chemical Products 
    Oils Cosmetic Preparations 
    Organic Chemicals 
    Petroleum Products: Bitumen 
    Petroleum Products: Coke 
    Petroleum Products: Crude Oil 
    Petroleum Products: Fuel Oil 
    Petroleum Products: Graphite 
    Petroleum Products: Lubricant 
    Petroleum Products: Others 
    Petroleum Products: Paraffin 
    Pharmaceutical Products 
    Photographic & Cinema Prod. 
    Soap, Waxes & Pastes 
    Starches, Glues & Enzymes 
  Computers & Software 
    Monitors & Display 
    Network Devices 
    Notebooks & Laptop 
    PC, Computer 
    PDA, Palmtop 
    Second Hand 
    UPS & Power 
    Web Design 
    Bath Appliances 
    Bricks & Pavers 
    Building Glass 
    Building Plastic & PVC 
    Cement & Sand 
    Construction Hardware 
    Decorative Materials & Decoration 
    Doors & Windows 
    Flooring & Tiles 
    Kitchen Appliances 
    Metallic Building Materials 
    Metallic Materials 
    Pipes & Tubes 
    Security Products 
    Soundproof Materials 
    Soundproof Materials 
    Stone & Marble 
    Stone Carving & Sculpture 
    Timber & Plank 
    Wall Materials 
    Waterproof Materials 
    Waterproof Materials 
  Consumer Electronics 
    Air Conditioners 
    CD Players 
    DVD, VCD, MP3 
    Game Consoles 
    Hair Diers 
    Home Theatre Systems 
    Kitchen Electronics 
    Radios, Tuners 
    Remote Controls 
    Washing Machines 
  Energy & Environment 

    Natural Gas 
    Nuclear Power 
    Renewable Energy 
    Solar Panels 
    Solar Products 
    Solid Fuel 
    Waste Management 
    Wind Turbines 
  Fats & Oils 
    Animal Or Veg. Fats, Oils & Waxes 
    Baby Food 
    Beverages, Spirits & Wine 
    Canned Food 
    Cocoa & Cocoa Preparations 
    Food Additives 
    Food Ingredients 
    Food Processing Machinery 
    Frozen Food 

    Health Food 
    Miscellaneous Edible Preparations 
    Preparation Of Cereals & Flour 
    Preparation Of Vegs, Fruits, Nuts 
    Prepared Meat, Fish & Crustaceans 

    Rice, Basmati Rice, Non Basmati Rice
    Residues & Animal Feed 
    Sugars & Sugar Confectionery 
    Tea, Green Tea
    Tobacco & Tobacco Substitues 
  Footwear & Headgears 
    Feathers & Artificial Flowers 
    Footwear & Headgears 
    Headgear & Other Parts 
    Umbrellas & Walking-Sticks 
  Health & Beauty 
    Adult Products 
    Beauty Equipment 
    Breast Care 
    Dental Products 
    Drugs & Medications 
    Erotic Products 
    Hair Products 
    Health Care Products 
    Health Food 
    Herbs & Natural Remedies 
    Medical Implements 
    Medical Supplies 
    Razors & Shavers 
    Skin Care 
    Veterinary Medicine & Products 
    Weight Loss 
  Hides, Leather & Furs 
    Furskins & Artif. Furs 
    Leather Goods 
    Raw Hides & Skins 
  Home Supplies 
    Baby Products 
    Horticulture & Gardening 
    Household Textile Products 
    Household Utensils 
    Kitchen Accessories 
    Laundry Products 
    Lighters & Smoking 
    Luggage & Travel Bags 
    Pet & Products 
    Sheets & Covers 
  Industrial Supplies 
    Cast & Forged 
    Gaskets & Seals 
    Hardware & Tools 
    Materials Handling 
  Machinery & Electronics 
    Audio & Video Equipment 
    Bulbs & Tubes 
    Cable & Wire 
    Electrical Machinery 
    Electronic Components 
    Electronic Instruments 
    Industrial Lightings
    Mechanical Machinery 
    Outdoor Lightings 
    Power Supplies 
    Residential Lightings 
  Mineral Products
    Lime & Cement 
    Mineral Fuels & Oils 
    Ores, Slag & Ash 
    Salt, Sulphur & Stone 
    Arms And Ammunition 
    Artificial Crafts 
    Bamboo & Wooden Crafts 
    Candles & Holders 
    Clocks & Watches & Parts 
    Folk Crafts 
    Furniture & Pre-Fab Buildings 
    Holiday Decoration
    Metal Crafts 
    Misc. Manufactured Articles 
    Musical Instruments 
    Natural Crafts
    Optical, Meas. & Medical Instrument 
    Photo & Picture Frames 
    Pottery & Enamel 
    Promotion Gifts 
    Toys, Games & Sports Equip 
    Works Of Art & Antiques 
  Plastics & Rubbers 
    Plastics And Articles 
    Rubber And Articles 
    Business Services 
    Education & Training 
    Electric & Gas 
    Environmental Quality 
    Financial, Insurance, Legal, Real Estate 
    Funeral Services 
    Health Services
    Hotel & Lodging 
    Hotel & Restaurant 
    Internet Marketing 
    Internet Services 
    Investment Consulting 
    Legal Services 
    Management Consulting 
    Marketing & Advertising 
    Miscellaneous Repairs 
    Other Business Services 
    Postal Services 
    Recruiting Services 
    Trading Consulting 
    Translation Services 
    Travel Services 
  Stone, Glass & Jewelry 
    Articles Of Stone & Plaster 
    Ceramic Products 
    Glass & Glassware 
    Pearls, Stones & Jewelry 
    Caller ID 
    Fax Machines 
    Mobile Phones 
    Network Communications 
    Telecom Cables 
    Telephone & Parts 
    Video Phones (1)
    Wireless Communications 
  Textiles and Garments 
    Apparel & Clothing Knitted 
    Apparel & Clothing Not Knitted 
    Carpets & Floor Coverings 
    Coated & Laminated Textiles 
    Cotton & Fabrics Thereof 

    Garments and Fashion
    Knitted & Crocheted Fabrics 
    Made Up Textile, Worn & Rags 
    Man-Made Filaments Yarns 
    Man-Made Staple Fibers 
    Silk & Fabrics Thereof 
    Tufted Textiles & Lace 
    Vegetable Textile Fabrics 
    Wedding, Felt & Ropes 
    Wool, Yarn & Animal Hair 
    Aircraft, Spacecraft 
    Bicycles & Parts 
    Cargo & Storage 
    Non-railway Vehicles 
    Railway, Tram & Tracks 
    Roadway Safety 
    Ships & Floating Structures 
    Coffee, Tea, Mate & Spices 
    Edible Vegetables 
    Fruit & Nuts & Citrus 
    Lac, Gums, Resins, ETC 
    Live Trees & Plants 
    Milling Industry Products
    Oil Seeds, Grains & Plants 
    Vegetable Plaiting Materials 
    Articles Of Wood & Charcoal 
    Basketware and Wickerwork 
    Cork & Articles Of Cork 
    Paper & Articles Of Paperboard 
    Printed Books & NewsPaper 
    Wood Pulp & Paper Scrap 


Holland Import, Topics:
Dutch Importers
Dutch Distributors
Importers in Netherlands:
The directory contains information about all importers and distributors in the Netherlands / Holland.
Dutch import
Importing, procedure
Import goods, import demand

Importer and distributor of audio, video, light and parts
9269 TW Veenwouden

Importer of rubber hose.
3771 ME Barneveld

Distributor of telescopic aerials, articulated aerials, scissorlifts,
truckmounted aerials, fork-lift trucks, reachtrucks, modular
mobile climbing platforms and construction-/ personnelhoists.
5384 PZ Heesch

Wholesaler of building equipment, machinery and containers.
Rental company in building equipment and machinery.
3846 AW, Harderwijk

Importer of several models of elevators: spiders 10-30m,
truck mounted 12-22m, truck mounted 21-76m, trailers 12-26m.
5145 NZ Waalwijk

Wholesale company in craft & creative products.
4050 EB Ochten

Distributor of supplies for florists, ribbons, sprays etc
2170 AE Sassenheim

Distributor of a wide range of branded toys, plush items, jigsaws.
2984 BA Ridderkerk

Distributor of health drinks (functional foods). Sells
through fitness and sauna channels and wants to become
3812 RB Amersfoort

Distributors of sealants, adhesives etc
2544 EH Den Haag

Distributor of in-flight catering equipment including
trolleys, standard units and drawers, headrestcovers,
hygienic products and cargo containers.
6361HB Nuth

Leading distributor of:

General Instrumentation
AC/DC power supplies
Image processing
Industrial computer systems
Power quality / energy analysis
Video generators

Measurement instrumentation for
optical transmission (optical fibre)
Mobile communication testers
Data communication
Power Supplies

Automatic Identification
Barcode scanners
Portable handterminals
Printers and printer options
Barcode equipment networks
RF systems

2718 SK Zoetermeer

Leading distributor of Citrus, Grapes, (Volume) Exotica, Top Fruit
and Stone Fruit. The main areas where products are sourced from
are South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay),
South Africa and China.

The turnover of the entire group is approximately Euro 100 million
and a 12 million boxes of fruit are sold a year. The group is
operating on a European scale, with it's main focus on the Benelux,
Germany, Scandinavia, UK, France and Eastern European countries.

The clientele consists of Retail organizations, Service Providers,
Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters and the Industry.
3029 BT Rotterdam

Importer/distributor of security products for babies.
5201 AL s-Hertogenbosch

Distributor of baby products including furniture, clothing,
blankets, toys, books, lighting and more. Also fashion
for coming mothers.
1332 AH Almere

Importer of products for dog care.
4881 VE Zundert

Importer of Italian coffee and espresso machines
1127 PV Den Ilp

Distributor of lingerie, sales is done throught network of agents.
4941 VT Raamsdonksveer

Wholesale of wood, wooden floors, windows, doors.
Rijswijk (Zuid Holland)

Importer of food and beverage products from Spain including
wines, olives, sprinkles, chorizo, peas, pasta, tomato paste,
mushrooms, carrots and also kitchenwares.
1051 KM Amsterdam

Importer of wines from France
1016 EW Amsterdam

Wholesale of wheels
5145 NZ Waalwijk

One of the leading companies in the world in the field
of business electronics.
3315 LG Dordrecht

Wholesaler in gloves, hats, caps, scarves.
NL-7522 CN Enschede

Distributor of stockmusic, filmclips, footage, moving backgrounds,
images to AV Industry, RTV producers, film companies, advertising
agencies, record companies and other professional/ creative users.
2740 AD Waddinxveen

Distributor of electronic components supplying to customers in
various marketplaces all over the world. One of the largest
and most comprehensive ranges of semiconductors, passive and
electromechanical components in the Netherlands.
3130 AB Vlaardingen

Wholesale of electrical supplies
7550 AM Hengelo

Distributor of cctv and access control products
4941 RE Raamsdonksveer

Distributor of reagents and culture media for research and
diagnostic laboratories.
1420 AB Uithoorn

Distributor of fluid control components and systems for the (Petro)
Chemical industry since 1963. Company is productline specialist and
leading distributor for the following: instrumentation valves and
fittings, vacuum valves, pressure regulators, filters, gauges,
flow switches, samplesystems
2271 AD Voorburg
The Netherlands

Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
3029 AE Rotterdam

Direct importers of Indian Granite Tiles
The Netherlands

Importer and Exporter of Natural Stone Products from India.
3336 LH Zwijndrecht Zuid

We are an import-export company dealing primarily with marble, granite,
limestone and other natural stones.
3014 XD Rotterdam

Import, distribution and servicing of on-site paging systems and
VHF transceivers
3077 LJ Rotterdam

Wholesale business in home and garden furnishing, concentrating on small furniture,
mirrors, decorative cushions, glass-ware and wrought-iron items.
5928 LN Venlo

Wholesale of home and garden furnishing, adhesives, foam,
packaging, laminate, curtains, tools,

Wholesale of construction materials
2382 AG Zoeterwoude

Wholesale of tiles and adhesives.
2014 KB Haarlem

Wholesale of home decoration materials, flooring, rugs,
tools, work clothing, furnishing materials.
3132 AA Vlaardingen

Internationally operating trading company in frozen seafood with
over 20 years experience in the market.
2583 CN Scheveningen

Specialised in the import, export and distribution of deep-frozen
fish products. Main items are, besides Alaska Pollack and Cape
Hake fillets, a number of tropical fishes like Tilapia, Pangasius,
Oil fish and lightly cold smoked Tuna. With regards to the import
of fish, company is mainly active in the United States, Russia,
Namibia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. Main selling
markets are Holland and Germany.
8320 AB Urk

Imports a wide range of fish and fish products from all over
the world. From their cold stores they distribute high
quality frozen seafood to wholesalers and the fish processing
industry in almost all European countries.
3130 AA Vlaardingen

Wholesale of local seafood and imported fish.
1976 DC IJmuiden

Distributor of doors, industrial walls, floor panels,
cleaning equipment, work clothing, medical gloves,
fish processing equipment, scales, used machinery,
water sterilizers.
2231 XJ Rijnsburg

Imports deep frozen seafood from all over the world and exports it throughout
Imports only from companies which have E.U. approval numbers.
3062 MA Rotterdam

Seafood Importing & Exporting Company who imports seafood from
India and process fresh fish caught in the North Sea as well.
8320 AD Urk

Importer and wholesaler of Toys and Gift items
8321 MC Urk

Distributor of contruction materials (roof, stones, tiles, chemicals,
plaster, sand, glues, drainage pipes etc etc)
7502 LA Enschede

Trade company for Stainless Steel, Aluminium and special Alloys like
Nickel-alloys, Monel and Incoloy, Copper, Brass,
Bronze and Aluminiumbronze.
3430 BG Nieuwegein

Major European kite distributor
2515 AK Den Haag

European distributor of single-line, sport and power kites and
accessories from around the world.
1338 ZA Almere

Import & wholesale company for olive oil and other agricultural products.
2501 CK The hague

Distributor of educational materials to schools and
childcare centers
2411 CS Bodegraven

Total distributor of childcare, educational products and
furniture to schools, childcare centers, hospitals etc
6135 KH Sittard

Major distributor of comics, magazines and puzzles with
over 9000 selling points. Leader in magazine distribution.
3544 AD Utrecht

Distributor of books and magazines to over 1000 bookshops.
6136 XA Sittard

Importer and distributor of educational toys for kids to schools,
childcare centers, chain stores and retail shops.
5051 AJ Goirle

Import and wholesale of garden statues, furniture, classic
construction materials, wooden clocks etc
5741 SV Beek en Donk

Distributor of spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, and other
natural nutritional supplements.
2288 EV Rijswijk

Distributor of compressors and pneumatic tools
6603 AS Wijchen

Import and export firm offering a comprehensive range of fruit and
vegetables sourced from all four corners of the globe. The assortment is
composed of produce from the U.S.A., South America, South Africa,
the Mediterranean and a number of Asian and African countries.
4801 LN Breda

Distribution of presentation equipment such as beamers, screens,
overhead projectors, audio equipment etc
2952 BB Alblasserdam

Marketing service provider for the industrial electronic
6627 ZG Maasbommel

Manufacturers representative and distributor for a wide range of
companies in the electronic component, systems and sensor industries
and also distributor of IT related products.
5605 SH Eindhoven

Import, export and exclusive dealership of scientific instruments and
systems for meteorology at all levels of surface, boundary, layer
and upper air.
2280 CC Rijswijk

Promotion/marketing and selling professional niche type electronic
components and subassemblies in the world. Focusses on the Benelux
(Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) territory. Supplies to high-end customers
in Aerospace, Military, Consumer, Medical, Automotive, Instrumentation
and Space.
3301 AD Dordrecht

Specialized in the distribution of high-tech electronic components.
Offers a complete range of components emphasizing on the more
specialized and high-tech products, such as micro controllers,
programmable logic, multimedia and telecom components and a
complete range of tailor-made displays and display modules.
2909 LE Capelle a/d IJssel

Distributor of hot air welding equipment like industrial hot air
equipment, extrudate equipment, hot heating elements and
ultrasonic welding equipment. Also represent several manufacturers
with equipment for welding thermoplastic material, roofing and
flooring, for shrinking and bending, for welding tarpaulings and
for drying and activation. In the area of production equipment
for the industry we supply industrial blowers and heaters up to
650° centigrade, XYZ desktop robots, Scara robots and servomotor
driven Electropress up to 0.001 mm accuracy.
3951 BH Maarn

Wholesale of electrical materials and supplies
3044 BA Rotterdam

European distributor (selected countries) for Matrix-Orbital LCDs,
MCC I²C products, TechTools and Emutec emulators.
2900 AJ Capelle a/d IJssel

Distributor of cleanroom products, electro static discharge
damage protection products and personal safety products
such as masks, gloves, eye protection and safety shoes.
4817 ZG Breda

Distributor of HF components
6970 AB Brummen

Distributor of mini fans, heat sinks, thermal interface materials,
and thermo electric generators.
3961 JE Wijk bij Duurstede

Distributor of rotating equipment and industrial and measuring
equipment. Branches in The Netherlands and Belgium.
3330 CE Zwijndrecht

Distributor of industrial electronics
5340 AH Oss

Marketing, sales and service of data loggers and data acquisition systems.
Operates in more than 7 countries through a network of sub-distributors.
Principal markets are food- and pharmaceutical industries, laboratories
and companies that are active in the field of air conditioning, heating,
cooling and ventilation.
2350 AJ Leiderdorp

Specialized in sourcing "hard-to-get" electronic components.
7600 AS Almelo

Import / export company and distributor for energy systems. Customers
are located in and outside Europe. Has a very wide range of standard
batteries and flashlights and battery packs for emergency lightning,
as well special batteries for laptop computer, mobile phone and
medical packs.
3763 LS Soest

Distributor of products for video, speach and data distribution
5203 DC 's Hertogenbosch

Wholesale of electrical supplies
7000 AC Doetinchem

Wholesale of electrical supplies
6710 BG Ede

Sales and marketing organization for specialty chemicals, acting
both as agent and distributor for chemical companies. Products
include: Industrial, agricultural and aroma chemicals, fragrances,
essential oils, fertilizers and biocides, pharmaceutical actives,
cosmetic ingredients and additives for industrial lubricants.
3830 AE Leusden

Distributors of chemicals, food & feed addictives
and pharmaceuticals.
3606 CA Maarssen

Market leaders in highway construction, chemical and thermoplastic
distribution, specialty chemicals, motor oil and car-care products.
3009 AP Rotterdam

Leading full-service supplier of industrial raw materials, specialised
in the sales, marketing and distribution to the food and non-food
industries in Europe. The group nowadays consists of a network of 8
sales offices, is active in more than 15 countries throughout Europe,
and employs over 185 skilled and motivated professionals. Also the
group is exclusively representing a number of leading and innovative
producers of raw materials from all over the world, and is able to
offer a complete portfolio of products, technological development
support and logistic services to the major food and non-food industries
in Europe.
2130 KA Hoofddorp

Known distributor of bulk petrochemical products within Western Europe
1641 LV Spierdijk

Agent/distributor of ingredients for chemical, pharmaceutical
and food industries.
9244 AE Beetsterzwaag

Major distributor of chemicals for use in industry and agriculture.
Over 1300 employees, 40 companies in Europe, Asia, North and
South America and yearly sales of 750 million Euro.
2400 AA Alphen a/d Rijn

Distributor of chemicals to various industries.
1230 AC Loosdrecht

Distributor of industrial chemicals. Partner of Akzo Nobel
Chemicals, Solvay Chemie, DSM, Kao Chemicals, Diversey
Lever, BASF, Bayer, Sachtleben etc.
7300 AS Apeldoorn

Specializing in distributing various products for different industries:
Cell culture products, Embryo Transfer products, Diagnostics - mainly
veterinarian, Diagnostics for the Biotechnology.
1822 BW Alkmaar

Distributor of materials and chemicals which include glass fibers for
plastic reinforcement and organic and inorganic raw materials for the
chemical industry.
8011 PK Zwolle

Distributor of promotional products
5480 AG Schijndel

Wholesaler and distributor of high quality medical supplies.
8090 AC Wezep

Distributor of engine spare parts for European, Japanese and American diesel engines

Distributor of industrial motors, drives and controls

Distributor of professional lighting, sound and staging equipment.

Importer of aluminium and steel profiled sheets.

Importer of wooden flooring.

Dutch importer of aluminum and steel.

Distributor of valves and fittings

Importers and exporters of seeds, herbs, spices, peas, beans, cereals, and nuts

Distributor of carbide tools

Importer/wholesaler for the Dutch market of Abc wood stoves, Danflame
wood stoves and Tulikivi Soapstone stoves.

National chain of stores selling household products, gifts, software,
electronics, small equipment, toys and more.

Largest wholeseller of used trucks & trailers and parts in Europe. Also buyer
and seller of first class construction equipment.

Wholesale of skincare products to beauty salons in the Netherlands

Distributor/importer of wine

Distributors of frozen shrimp
H.i. ambacht

Importer of music merchandise including instruments, amplifiers and

Importer/distributor of food and non-food from South European countries

Distributor of instruments and supplies for veterinary use.

Distributor of machines for the printing industry

One of the world’s major trading companies in brandname consumer goods.
Founded in Delfzijl in 1979, the group has grown to become a leader
in its main market of luxury products with annual sales of over
180 million Euros and 300 employees at 10 locations in seven countries.

Products such as cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, beverages, clothing,
cosmetics, stationaries, toiletries and perfumes form the basis of a
trade which stretches to all corners of the globe by means of
establishing subsidiary companies or joint ventures in key markets
and agents elsewhere. Company is a leader wholesaler of brand name
products to retailers and duty free businesses in Europe and some
85 per cent of the group’s multimillion guilder annual turnover
results from exports to EU countries and far East, namely China,
Japan and Taiwan.

Distributor of industrial electronics, industrial software
and process sensors.

Independent distributor operating worldwide, supplying electronic components,
spare parts for the repair industry.

Distributor of computer hardware and software for the business market.

Distributor of chemical lubricants,process fluids &
coatings, located in Benelux.

Distribution company for electro- mechanical components

Distribution company for electro- mechanical components

Wholesale of construction materials

Importer of motorized umbrellas, parking tower, car lifter
for garages, metal mail boxes for flats, appartments etc

Wholesale of mountings (for doors/windows), slide walls,
cylinders and other construction materials.

Wholesale of construction materials for roof construction

Wholesale of construction materials

Import and distribution of prescription pharmaceutical products and
non-prescription medicines

Importer and distributor of multimedia products like converters, streaming video, Mpeg, genlock, RV recorders, video splitters, video protection

Distributor of marine products including naviation equipment, anchors, sail
repair kits, lighting, chandlery, wire ropes and various other supplies

Importer of food supplements e.g. vitamine, mineral materials,
enzymes, amino acids and herbs.

Importer of natural medicines, nutritional supplements, vitamins, and
herbal extracts

Importer of natural medicines, nutritional supplements, vitamins, and
herbal extracts

Distributor of Women's Fragrances, Men's Fragrances, Skincare Products,
Colour Cosmetics, Bath & Beauty Products

Europe's largest supplier of basic and complete engines, manifolds and
quality engine and drive parts for marine gasoline inboard engines.

Importer of home decoration products like fabrics,furniture etc

Distributor of flow meters, dc motors, circuit breakers, thermostats,
sensors and tachometers.

Sales, marketing and distribution organisation of self-care
medicines and health products.

Wholesaler of flowers

Wholesale of sanitary, heating and electrical products with
27 stores, 700 employees and 80.000 products

Technical wholesalers who carry a range of 100,000 durable and
non-durable goods, tools and machinery. Their six branches
serve 6,000 customers in fields such as (petro-) chemicals,
offshore, the metal industry, the public sector, utilities,
the installation and telecommunications industries.

Distributor of welding consumables : Mig wires, Tig rods, electrodes, flux
cored wires, Sub arc wires and flux, brass, Silver brazing rods and rings, PTA
powders, spray powders, spray wires, and brazing flux for use on base metals
such as: Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Inconel, Monel,
Nilo, Nimonic, Hasteloy, Stellite, and lots of other unknown alloys.

Distributor in packaging and disposables for the food- and non food industry,
catering industry, foodservice and retail market

Sell and purchase products for the agricultural sector: certified seed of cereals, grass and clover seeds, agricultural seeds, pesticides, seed potatoes and agricultural plastics.

Wholesale of chains, chain wheels, motors, gearboxes, frequency
inverters, timing belts, and timing belt pulleys.

Specialized importer for laboratory chemicals and supplies for over 60 years

Wholesale business in raw materials for the plastic- and synthetic fibre
processing industry.

Wholesaler, which specialises in the import of beers from round the world.

Wholesale of natural food products in the north of the Netherlands

Importer and wholesaler of display and shop decoration materials.

Distributor of cooling equipment, climate control equipment and various
refrigerators and freezers.

Distributor of apparel for companies (kitchen, uniforms etc)

Wholesale of food and non-food products to restaurants, lunchrooms,
ice makers. Operates in the Brabant region (south of Holland).

Distributor of kitchen equipment, knives, kitchen apparel, pans and other
kitchen supplies to hotels, restaurants and bars.

Distributor of apparel for professional cooks

Distributor of high quality hifi equipment, speakers, cables,
filters etc

International industrial distributor of steel pipe,
valves and fittings.

We are representing on exclusive base a number of leading European
manufacturers of hand tools, hardware and machineries. Our sales-office
takes care for general customer-information, sales (factory orders),
product promotion and marketing. Targets are i.a. wholesalers, buying
groups, importers, distributors, exporters and technical suppliers to
building, industry, automotive, shipping, fastening, sanitair,
electric and electronics
City: Rotterdam

Distributor of machinery, tools and equipment for trade, industry and government
City: Melissant

Company specialized in trading ferro and non-ferro metals, industrial plastics and fasteners
City: Venray

Importer of conventional/CNC metal processing machines
City: De Goorn

Company is an importing, distributing and exporting company with more
than 30 years experience in dealing with all kind of chemicals
City: Delft

Distributor of video surveillance systems, telecommunication systems,
night vision equipment and security/personal protection systems.
City: Gouda

Importer of packaging machines for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industries
City: Zevenaar

Distributor of professional cooling and ventilation systems
City: IJmuiden

Distributor of machinery for use in garden, cleaning and installation of cables plus test & measurement equipment
City: Houten

Importer and distributor of electronic components
City: Zoetermeer

Distributor of glass fibers for plastic reinforcement and organic and
inorganic raw materials for the chemical industry.
City: Zwolle

Distributor of self adhesive products for the European Union and beyond
City: Alphen aan den Rijn

Distributor of couplings, clutches, brakes, clamping elements, frequency
converters, softstarters, DC-brakes and normalized machineparts.
City: Hengelo

Wholesale of para-medical products
City: Uden

Wholesale of biologic food and vegetarian food
City: Uden

Wholesale of tools, construction equipment, welding equipment, cranes,
chemical products, hauses and security products
City: Cuijk

Distributor for Quaker Chemical metalworking lubricants and process fluids
City: Delft

Importer of ceramics, tools, lamps, gift products from China
City: Amsterdam

Worldwide Duty Free and Tax Free supplier situated in Alblasserdam, The Netherlands,
near Rotterdam, one of the main seaports in the world. We have created a worldwide
network of buyers and sellers. Our main business is major brand spirits, fine wine, beer
and softdrinks.

We supply to several worldwide Duty and Tax Free customers:
Foreign Embassies & Consulates in Holland and abroad
People moving outside the EC
Foreign National Projects, for companies like Shell
Ship Chandlers
Independent Border Shops
Dutch & Foreign Military Forces
Cruise Ships
City: Alblasserdam

Import & export of famous branded perfumes and watches
City: Barendrecht

Wholesale of excotic products (food and non-food)
City: Terheijden

Importer/wholesale of professional and consumer fireworks
City: Den Haag

Import of food products to Surinam
City: Amsterdam

Importer of tropical wood
City: Den Haag

Import/wholesale of toys, gifts, child furniture
City: Breda

Import and export of toys
City: Veldhoven

Importer and wholesaler of smoke-relating accessories (well-established brands)
that we exclusively present in the Benelux countries.
City: Delft

Importer of Japanese Koi fish
City: Venray

Distributor of network products, services and infrastructures.
Company employs 55 people.
City: Zoetermeer

Importer and distributor of complete data networks.
City: Rotterdam

Importer of a wide range of network products. Employs over 200 people.
City: Utrecht

Distributor of data communication network products
City: Maassluis

Distributor of networking products.
City: Delft

Importer and distributor of network communication network products and systems.
City: Laren

Importer of tonkin and bamboo.
City: Alkmaar

Distributor pf storage and networking products like harddrives, cd-rom drives/
towers and jukeboxes, 4mm, 8mm, QIC, DLT ,minicartridge tapedrives, tape
loaders/changers, RAID diskarray systems, optical diskdrives, jukeboxes,
complimented with the specific controllers, networking products, adapters,
modems, cables and software.
City: Tiel

One of the leading value added distributors of computer peripherals in the
Netherlands in the past 16 years, serving different platforms: Wintel,
Apple Mac, Unix/Linux/Workstation.
City: Tiel

Importer and wholesaler of professional light and sound installations,
lasers, cd-players, karaoke equipment, foam machines and more.
City: Den Haag

Import and wholesale company for olive oil and other agricultural products.
City: The Hague

Importer and wholesaler of bikes and pedal powered go-karts and
City: Waddinxveen

Wholesaler of mobile phone accessoires, wannahaves, gadgets and premiums
City: Schiphol

Wholesale of food and beverages
City: Capelle a/d IJssel

Import and wholesale of Italian wines and beverages
City: Bleiswijk

Importer of Pussicat climb furniture for cats
City: Geldrop

Importer/exporter of dried fruits, nuts, peanuts
City: Amstelveen

Wholesale of optical and photographic products
City: Hoogeveen

Wholesale of sports products
City: Etten-Leur

Wholesale of seafood/shellfish
City: Veghel

Wholesale of computer systems and components
City: Oldenzaal

Wholesale of handtools, chimneys, ventilation systems, windows, doorlocks etc
City: Alkmaar

Wholesale of sanitary and heating systems, electrical installations
and supplies. Nationwide sales and employing 700 workers.
City: Zaltbommel

Furniture wholesaler with a large choice in (pine) furniture. Also offers furniture in
maple, beech, oak, ash, cherry wood and teak.
City: Ulft

Importer of fencing, railings, gates, wickets and components
City: Gasselternijveen

Wholesale of essential oils, tarot products, wind chimes, aromatic lamps,
New Age fashion jewellery and novelty items, candles, amulets and more.
City: Rotterdam

Whole of honey/bee related products
City: Nuland

Importer of toys and games
City: Zevenhuizen

Chain of 454 popular shops (79 franchise shops) selling household
goods, dvd, gifts, toys, games, garden products and novelties.
City: Amsterdam

Importer of Walt Disney art, gift art, stationery, children's furniture,
toys, season cards, porcelain and handbags
City: Vessem

Importer of wooden toys
City: Amsterdam

Importer of wooden toys and games, dolls' bed, little boats and cars
City: Heeze

Importer of toys for boys and girls
City: Alphen a/d Rijn

Distributor of gift products, sports products, textile, ballpoints,
wine, clocks, glas products, kitchen tools and more
City: Helmond

Importer of gift articles
City: Hoogeveen

Importer of teak wood furniture from Indonesia
City: Alphen a/d Rijn

Importer of wooden toys
City: Tiel

Importer of handicraft wood carvings, wooden toys, Easter and
X-mas articles.
City: Maastricht

Wholesale of watersports products
City: Schoonhoven

Import and export of basic materials and additives for the food industry
laboratory supplies
City: Oosterzee

Agent of Belgian wood sheet suppliers
City: Woudenberg

Wholesale of hobby articles/paperware
City: Hillegom

Kars is a market-leading wholesaler of craft and hobby goods in the Benelux countries. Our list of approximately 17,000 items is one of the most comprehensive selections of craft articles available. We serve over 4,000 shops covering The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom
City: Ochten

Distribution of wood and sheet materials
City: Utrecht

The operating companies engage in the purchasing, marketing, distribution, maintenance and rental of a wide range of diesel and natural gas engines, machinery, electronic components and engineering consumables for industry, construction and the public sector.
City: Naarden

One of the largest and most specialised catering suppliers in the Benelux. At four centres - Ghent (Belgium), Liège (Belgium), Breda (The Netherlands), Bodegraven (The Netherlands) you will find a variety of 72,000 food, non-food and drink specialities.
City: Brussels

The largest distributor and brand supplier of whole foods and natural products in de Benelux countries. Delivers almost 10.000 different products to among 1.200 stores in the Netherlands. 140 employees and an annual turnover of 120 million guilders (55 million Euro).
City: Harderwijk

Value added business-to-business (B2B) distribution services group focusing on the markets for electrical materials, safety and other MRO products. Goal is to obtain a leading position in its field in the European, North American and Asia-Pacific B2B markets.
City: Naarden

Distributor of fasteners
City: Tilburg

Imports and distributes gifts, premiums and advertising speciality products with a strong focus on high added value in creativity and services.
City: Nieuw Vennep

One of the market leaders in the Dutch gaming sector with a workforce of over 550.
City: Kerkrade

Wholesale company in used tires and casings
City: Asch

Distributor of scarves, shawls and neckties. Sells to over 30.000 specialty stores and boutiques from 21 showrooms in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Germany and Austria
City: Amsterdam

Import and distribution of prescription pharmaceutical products and
non-prescription medicines
City: Weesp

Wholesale of roofcovering, non-ferro metals, heating equipment, tools, sanitary equipment
City: Zwolle

Wholesale of products for nail studios
City: Hoogeveen

A marketing and sales organisation for medical disposable products and related equipment in the health care market.
City: Oud Beijerland

We are an agent and wholesaler in Holland of medical diagnostic equipment
City: Amersfoort

Wholesale of paint
City: Uden

Wholesale of paint
City: Vollenhoven

Wholesale of paint
City: Dokkum

Wholesale of paint
City: Amsterdam

Wholesale of paint with 6 branches
City: Maastricht

Wholesale of paint with 3 branches
City: Apeldoorn

Wholesale of paint, coatings, brushes and other painting supplies
City: Amsterdam




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