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Agro machinery

Agricultural machinery

Bagging machinery

Bakery machinery

Beverage processing machinery

Beverage filling machinery

Biscuit making machinery

Book binding machinery

Bottling machinery

Bottle filling machinery

Brewery machinery

Briquetting machinery

Building machinery

Building construction machinery

Cake machinery

Can making machinery

Canning machinery

Candle making machinery

Carton packaging machinery

Cheese making machinery

Composting machinery

Concrete machinery

Construction machinery

Converting machinery

Cosmetic machinery

Dairy machinery

Drilling machinery

Earthmoving machinery

Electric machinery

Engineering machinery

Excavation machinery

Fabrication machinery

Farm machinery

Farm machinery parts

Farming machinery

Feed machinery

Flour machinery

Flour milling machinery

Filling machinery

Fish processing machinery

Foam machinery

Food machinery

Food manufacturing machinery

Food production machinery

Food industry machinery

Food packaging machinery

Food processing machinery

Forestry machinery

Forging machinery

Footwear machinery

Furniture machinery

Garden machinery

Glass machinery

Grass cutting machinery

Heavy machinery

Heavy duty machinery

Heavy machinery parts

Heavy equipment machinery

Holland machinery

Horticulture machinery

Hydraulic machinery

Ice cream machinery

Injection molding machinery

Kobelco construction machinery

Labeling machinery

Laminating machinery

Landscaping machinery

Lifting machinery

Machinery belts

Machinery packaging

Machinery spare parts

Machinery tools

Meat machinery

Meat processing machinery

Medical machinery

Metal forming machinery

Metalworking machinery

Milk machinery

Milk processing machinery

Milling machinery

Mineral water machinery

Mining machinery

Moving heavy machinery

Murata machinery

New holland machinery

Nail making machinery

Offset machinery

Oil extraction machinery

Oliver machinery

Packing machinery

Packaging machinery

Paint machinery

Pallet machinery

Paper machinery

Paper bag machinery

Paper converting machinery

Paper making machinery

Paper mill machinery

Paper recycling machinery

Pasta machinery

Pastry machinery

Pellet machinery

Pharma machinery

Pipe machinery

Pizza machinery

Plant machinery

Plastic machinery

Plastic extrusion machinery

Plastic bag machinery

Plastic moulding machinery

Plastic recycling machinery

Plywood machinery

Poultry machinery

Poultry feed machinery

Poultry processing machinery

Power machinery

Printing machinery

Printing press machinery

Recycling machinery

Rice machinery

Rice mill machinery

Road machinery

Road construction machinery

Roll forming machinery

Rolling mill machinery

Rubber machinery

Rubber processing machinery

Scrap machinery

Screen printing machinery

Second hand machinery

Sheet metal machinery

Soap machinery

Soap making machinery

Small farm machinery

Spinning machinery

Strapping machinery

Textiles machinery

Timber machinery

Tissue machinery

Tools machinery

Toyoda machinery

Tractor machinery

Tube machinery

Tube bending machinery

Tyre machinery

Vacuum forming machinery

Vacuum packing machinery

Vegetable processing machinery

Vintage machinery

Weaving machinery

Welding machinery

Williams machinery

Window machinery

Wine machinery

Wire machinery

Wire forming machinery

Wood machinery

Wood cutting machinery

Wood pellet machinery

Woodwork machinery

Workshop machinery

Used machinery

Used machinery europe

Used machinery sales

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Used confectionery machinery

Used construction machinery

Used farm machinery

Used food machinery

Used glass machinery

Used industrial machinery

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Used paper machinery

Used printing machinery

Used recycling machinery

Used textile machinery

Used wood machinery

Used woodworking machinery



Supplier of material handling equipment and machinery for warehouses and retail stores.

The company has branches in several countries with whom they coordinate their supply.

Wholesaler specialized in flexible packaging materials packaging for the flower bulb industry.
The materials range from various types of plastics to paper.
For the bulbs, special bags varying from micro-perforated to punch holes.

Also proof bags and other general packaging materials.

The company supply packaging materials to clients in USA, Australia, New Zeeland, some European countries and Russia.

Producer of Fertiliser Blendings, Blenders, Conveyors, Elevators, Baggings, FIBC, Small bag machine equipment.

Established in the Netherlands, with a selling and servicing network by means of representatives in other European countries.

The high number of machines supplied to over 40 countries.

The machinery is produced for the world wide market at the Dutch production facilities, where the machines are being produced, assembled, including  motors, weighing systems and electrical panels.

Also there is a large number of spare parts in stock to assure the customer a quick delivery.

One of the world's leading specialists in the engineering and manufacturing of extrusion machinery and peripheral equipment for the production of confectionery, pet snacks and plastics.

Advanced technology and new innovations constantly increase the number of applications.

The company has its branches in USA, Spain and the Netherlands.

From the Netherlands company exports its equipment on a project basis, and as a spare-parts supply to USA, Turkey, Middle East, within EU and Eastern European countries.

Global leader in the development of automation systems for the intensive animal husbandry sector. Combining climate control and feeding automation.

The company's expertise focuses on modern pig and poultry houses.

Supplier of gravimetric batch blenders, used in the plastics processing industry.

In 1981 the basis of the company is created, specializing in engineering of simple as well as sophisticated vacuum conveying systems.

Machinery like hopperloaders, dryers, granulators, silos, daybins and conveyor belts, all part of company's portfolio.

Currently their machines are sold worldwide through dealers network.

Cut-up and deboning equipment manufacturing company for food and poultry processing industry.

In addition to manufacturing, the company provides parts and service for processing equipment.

The company supplies it customers ( food processing companies ) world wide.

The company designs, manufactures and sells drying, solidifying, peeling and thermal equipment for the food, chemical and environmental industries.

Leading supplier of continuous aeration related process equipment and turn key solutions for the food, bakery, confectionery and dairy industries.

Supplier of equipment for brewery industry. Specialized in Total CO2&O2 Management, CO2 Recovery, Water Dearation, Blending and Carbonation equipment, the company supplies with a competitive range of components, systems and solutions to breweries.

The company focuses entirely on manufacturing scissor lifts.

The scissor lifts are made in the production facility in the Netherlands.

Supply takes place to customers around the world, where the majority of the machines are in operation with rental companies. Especially these companies have high demands in regard to durability and reliability. Other consumers are for example maintenance companies for ships and planes, installation, painting and cleaning companies and distribution centers.

Imports and export of heavy goods vehicles. The company is one of the largest dealers in heavy goods vehicles, (semi-) trailers, car trailers and heavy goods vehicle components in Europe.

Manufacturer of the packaging automated lines and equipment for food industry.

Have dealers in Europe, Australia, Asia, South and North Americas.

Export complete lines and spare-parts.

Trader and supplier for the production machinery of aluminum, wood and plastic industry.
The machines range they supply are from simple to complex, high-quality, CNC-controlled production lines.

The company involved into the import and export activities of these machines on a regular basis.

Their operational market spreads from Europe to Asia.

Company involved in supply of machinery, equipment and power-tools for construction industry.

Although the major market of the company is located in the Netherlands, they also export their products to foreign corporate customers.

Manufacturer of high-performance weighing, packing and processing equipment as used in the agricultural-and horticultural scene.
The semi-automatic weighing machines are known for their reliability and long-duration.

The company supplies a wide range of cutting and drilling machinery originally made.

Besides manufacturing machines they also supply the diamond core drilling and diamond blades, cutting tables for cutting stone, concrete, tiles, etc.

The company supplies with machinery, equipment and spare parts for agro industry.

Markets of destinations: USA, Canada, Middle East, Europe - wide and Russia.

Supplier of equipment for material handling, metalworking, recycling, solid waste processing, and other applications.

Filter, separate, shred, briquette and process materials and fluids for the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, oil and gas, steel processing, solid waste, pulp and paper, medical products, heavy equipment and related industries.

Supplier of different types of machinery and equipment: stone crushers, screens, sorters, feeders, magnetic tapes, generators, conveyors, demolition balls, forklifts, loaders, telescopic cranes, trailers, containers, etc.

Main markets located in Middle East and South America, where company exports equipment to on a regular basis.

Company focuses on the development and manufacturing of technically advanced and reliable harvesting systems.

They produce and supply with harvesting systems for:

  • peas, broad beans and flageolet

  • french beans

  • spinach and other vegetable leaves

  • sweet corn

  • seed corn

  • potatoes, carrots and other tuberous plants

Manufacturer of packing machinery for a wide range of industries. Mainly for food and beverages sectors.

The machinery is assembled in the production facility in the Netherlands from where it is distributed to the customers Europe-wide and Middle East.

Usually company sales and supply complete packing line on a project basis.

Additionally to the machinery and equipment company supplies its clients with the spare parts.

Packaging Machinery Manufacturers

International company specialized in spare parts and components for milking machines.

Supplier of automatic equipment and technical solutions for agro sector and livestock.

The working-area has the following specialties:

- Ventilation systems;
- Dosing automations for the feed industry;
- Remote control;
- Machine control;

Leading manufacturer of high-performance decorating/printing systems for hard plastic containers and cans.



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Produce a large number of automated molding machines, a growing volume of PE/PP fittings and accessories for both drainage and pressure applications.

Since its foundation in the early 60's has always been a pioneer in PE/PP pipe systems that transformed the business model from prefabrication and installation through trading and subcontracted production to finally own manufacturing and marketing. In 1989 established the present injection molding plant.

An international distribution network was developed with many partners companies.

These days company exports its products to Chez Republic, Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandinavian countries, Australia, UAE and so on.

The world leader in sectors of heat transfer equipment, centrifugal separation and fluid handling.

It adds market-leading positions with products such as boilers and thermal fluid systems, as well as inert gas systems.

The products are also used in power plants, aboard ships, in the mechanical engineering industry, in the mining industry and for wastewater treatment, as well as for comfort climate and refrigeration applications.

Over the last five years, has acquired 30 companies with total sales, at the time of the acquisitions, of about EUR 8.5 billion.

The company sale trucks and spare parts.

Sale of new commercial truck/vans with fittings.

Sale and purchase of second-hand trucks and trailers.

Extensive maintenance and repair facilities bases on Allers Total Care concept for complete articulated vehicles including construction.

Exporter and suppliers of metal processing machinery and equipment.

The company was funded in 1977, and initially supplied its clients in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Currently company exports machinery to China, Taiwan, USA, and supplies customers within Europe and Middle East.

One of Holland's largest commercial vehicle sellers and exporters, with a continually updating stock of around 200 vans and light trucks.

Sell range of delivery vans, cab/chassis trucks, refrigerated vehicles, mobile elevating work platforms and tippers to all over the world.

First class machinery manufacturers, which offer a complete range of equipment for potato, onion and carrot production.

The group covers the complete range from planting until packing machinery.

Product range:

Potato planting machines

Planting machines for pre-sprouted potatoes and onion sets.

Rotary ridgers, ridge formers and haulm toppers

Ventilation equipment, refrigeration and humidification for storehouses

In- & outtake lines and grading equipment

Potato and carrot harvesting equipment

Weighing and packing equipment

The company is active in different regions and has therefore an extended dealer network and in some countries subsidiaries.

Was established in 1984 and since then it has been occupied with the following activities:

Supplying installations and machines which are mainly used in construction activities and operating in the fields of minerals and raw materials.

The installations and machines are used for:

The production and processing of asphalt.
The recycling industry.
Drying and/or mixing of minerals and ores.
The production and processing of concrete.
Mobile mixing installations.
Discharging plants.

The company imports components from Italy.

Then after assembling final machinery, exports it to the clients in Eastern Europe, Middle East and South America.

The company designs, assembles and supplies its corporative clients with different types of equipment:

Automatic production of garage doors

Tobacco weigh equipment

Leak detection equipment

Rotary dryer production line

Cutter Equipment Ribbed Drain Pipe (Corrugated Pipe)

Since its establishment company has developed export markets world-wide.

Main export markets are in USA, Middle East and Asia.

An international organization, specialized in development, production and sales of technologically comprehensive sorting and packing installations for fruit, vegetables and flowers.

For over 40 years, has placed itself in the agricultural market and has gained a position internationally by growing into 7 different branches worldwide.

The company has two branches in the USA, which are active in North and South America, Australia and other fruit growing regions.

Manufacturing automated equipment for apples, stone fruit and kiwis.

Currently exports equipment in more than 50 countries around the world.

Manufacturer of equipment for banding systems.  

Banding is a packaging technique which is being adopted worldwide in a wide range of industries. Products banded using banding equipment are banded damage free with a paper or film band. Also, as an effective labeling option, the band can be printed to display graphic advertising information – this is proving particularly popular in the Food Industry. 

Currently company exports its equipment to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Producer of tube cutting machinery and automatic sawing lines for more than 70 years.

Now company exports its equipment world-wide, and has partners in USA, Brazil, UK, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Bulgaria, Chezh Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, SA, and Middle East.

Manufacturer of agricultural equipment for unloading, grading and bagging potatoes or similar crops.

Potato handling machinery.

The company developed into a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment in the Netherlands.

Currently they ship their equipment almost world-wide

Company from Belgium, specialized in production of professional green housing equipment and lifting constructions. 

Most of the equipment is manufactured on a project basis.


  • Tube rail carts

  • Harvest carts

  • Tow trucks

  • Spraying equipment

  • Systems

  • Other machinery


The most important consumer-markets are located in the Benelux, France, Spain, Austria, Canada en the USA.

Since recently company started developing markets in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Netherlands based company, specialized in the building of turnkey projects for the horticultural industry all over the world.

The company has received many international awards for their innovative products.

Products Samples:

Glass covered greenhouses, screening systems, heating, cooling, irrigation, electrical systems, computer control systems, hanging gutters, etc.

  • ABS Screening Systems (continues-loop pull systems)

  • Push-pull screening system

  • Energy screens

  • Shading screens

  • Blackout screens

  • Refitting

  • Irrigation

  • Cooling

  • Artificial Light Systems

  • Electricity

  • Hanging gutters

  • Growing tables

  • Water fertilizers

The company supplies projects all over the world

Leading manufacturer of:

- complete exhaust systems for passenger cars
- complete exhaust systems for trucks and industrial applications
- catalytic converters
- towbar systems
- roofbars and roofracks
- wind deflectors
- jacks and toolkits
- precision steel tubing
- vehicle cabins
- warehouse racking systems
- irrigation equipment
- energy conversion components

The annual turnover € 590 million. The company employs over 5,400 people in 41 manufacturing plants and 12 distribution centers.

Manufacturer of packaging machines for food and non-food industries.

The company has substantial export markets of their machinery and does regular shipments to clients world-wide.

Their major destinations are: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China, Zambia, Venezuela, Egypt and so on.

Company specialized in production of machinery for the food industry:

Continuous beater blade mills systems for the pre-grinding of cocoa liquor.

Continuous ball mills systems for the fine grinding of cocoa liquor.

Continuous and batch wise ball mill systems for the fine grinding of chocolate and chocolate related products.

Storage tanks and mixers for cocoa liquor, chocolate and chocolate related products

Pumps for the cocoa and chocolate industry

The company exports its equipment to clients world-wide

The com­pany specialized in production of packaging machinery for the food industry.

Their strategy is increasing global presence and supplying from single machines and packaging materials to complete solutions for the industry.

Altogether more than 40 organizational units have been put together. This includes many well established companies, with special competencies in technology, sales & service, now operating in 40 countries throughout the world. 

Trading company specialized in used construction equipment e.g. excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, dump trucks and generators.

Most of machinery go to Middle- and Eastern Europe, others are send to customers in the Middle East, South America.

Additionally company exports spare parts for ordered machinery.

Worldwide supplier in designing, producing, supplying and implementing fully integrated logistic systems for materials handling and product distribution.

Mainly in the food and drinks industry.

Sectors: product handling, palletising and warehouse interfaces.

International trading company of the construction machinery and the earth moving equipment.

Additional segment is machinery spare parts.

The company have export almost world-wide.

Seller of work platforms, forklift trucks, telehandlers, cranes, high-pressure pumps and vacuum units. With more than 2,000 machines in stock and sales points in the Netherlands, England and Denmark, they supply customers in Europe, Asia and USA.

Supplier of machines, materials and accessories in the field of processing, producing and applying polyurethane foam.

They have deployed their machines in various spray/molding applications, including a lot of made-to-measure work activities.

Their supply program consists of the following, among other items:

Polyurethane processing machines
Polyurethane components
Polyurethane Spray Guns
Polyurethane Pour Guns
Polyurethane Coating Guns
Hose packages, with automatic heating
Barrel pumps
Parts, tools and accessories.

Manufacturer of printmaking equipment.

The company exports their equipment world-wide.

International company is specializing in supplying of handling equipment for potatoes, onions, carrots and other agricultural products, for more then 30 years.

The products range: automatic and semi-automatic high performance machinery and equipment.

The company usually supply machinery and spare parts on a project basis to its clients in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Russia.

The company develops and provides technical solutions for the food processing industry. The company’s expertise manifests itself in high quality automation, engineering, hygiene and performance of its delivered machinery.

Production lines and turn-key solutions for all continents represent a great part of the company’s daily business.

Supplier of food processing and packaging systems.

The company produces equipment for animal feed production, also for tire recycling sector, wood processing and bio fuel industries.

Usually they produce complete production facility on the project basis.